Product Form Instructions

Product Title

This is how we work:

“item Title” + “product type” + in “color(s)” + Extras/type print





Product Details

Some information and details aren’t always easy to see.

Write as many details about the product in the detail field.


- Type of textile

- The fit

- Special placements like pockets

- The print

- Hand painted


Washing Instructions

Make sure you always test wash your items when working with new paint, ink or heat pressing techniques.

Providing us with accurate washing instructions is extremely important as refunds depend on your providing the right instructions.



All sizes need noted in European sizes.

An Asian medium might be a European small and an American medium might be a European large.

As not to confuse the customer we put all sizes on our site in EU sizes.


In Europe pants sizes are noted in inch.

Don't forget to transfer your shoe sizes to EU sizes if you sell shoes from Great Britain or any other country/continent.

Please notify us if you have given us a size in any different sizing metric than the European one as the false advertisement of wrong sizes can have an effect on refunds.


Item Price

All item prices you put in the product form need to be in Euro.

We automatically convert all prices to GBP for the Great Britain version of our site.